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A BIG Thank you…

Could I please give a BIG BIG thankyou to all members who helped make our National last weekend such a successful event. There is a lot of effort and man hours needed in running a one day event never mind two. The launch crews in the water and in the compound, the marshals, the tractor drivers the comentators, girls on number boards and anybody I have missed were all FANTASTIC. I had several very complimentary emails on Monday morning congratulating us on the weekend. These emails were congratulating you folks, without you we could not do it. Once again a BIG BIG thank you.

As you should have seen in the last newletter we are aiming at running a ski training day on a lake for our younger members. If you have not already declared your interest then please do so with myself or Kim, more details to follow soon.

We are always looking for fresh news on the web site, if have have anything of interest to share with the members please contact Annabel Hutchinson, Ash Redhead, Sean McCann or Charles Robinson and they will ensure it gets on there.

Enjoy the rest of your boating season


Martin Wiles (Commodore)

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